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What are you planning with your other DFC ships?

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Obviously, we're all (apart from Pete, who put the wrong engines on one), building the contents of the starter fleets. What are your plans for the other ships you have?

For me I'll be building the following Cruisers:

  • Basilisk Battlecruiser - because it's special and invisible and all that...
    Chimera Troopship - as games get bigger, I'm pretty certain I'm going to need to drop more troops in larger quantities.
    Hydra Fleet Carrier - the limit placed on launch assets tells me that they are quite good, also, I discovered against Matt that I will really need a bit more of a ranged threat.

In terms of the smaller ships I'm looking at:

  • 2 Scylla Frigates - these are the shooty uppy ones and look fun to try.
    2 Charybdis Frigates - these provide the only bombardment capability in the Scourge fleet and so seem necessary.
    2 Djinn Frigates - these just look fast and nasty.
    2 Gargoyle Strike Carriers - again, this game is about landing troops, so I'll need the ships to do this.
    3 Nickar Corvettes - I should have the bits to kitbash these, as I want to give them a try.

This should give me plenty to mix and match with in early games and free me out what I like and what I'm missing, so I can add stuff when my traded stuff arrives.

So, what are your initial thoughts?

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Errr... dunno! Probably at least one extra heavy cruiser I would think, but not sure what to do really. More starter games before I decide.

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Some of every ship to give them a go and them more of the ones I like the most.

And a couple of battleships...

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