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The all new "what are we up to?" thread!

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1 The all new "what are we up to?" thread! on Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:04 am

Alright Geeks!

Christmas has now tucked it's tinselly head away again for another year, so I thought it might be the right time to catch up on what we're all doing.

What are you working on? What did the fat guy drop in your festive hosiery? And what are your hobby plans for the new year?

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Plans are something like this:

1. Dropfleet (hoping its arrived before next christmas)
2. Paint, base and play more KOW
3. Imperial Assault
4. X-wing
5. And the usual DZC, Bolt Action etc

I also plan to buy the Xcom boardgame expansion so get ready for that!

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My goals looks something like this:

1. Dropfleet Commander - Paint it. Play it. Don't spend much.
2. Complete a battle report for 7TV at least once a month. This will involve painting a whole eclectic range of stuff, but given that 7TV can be made to fit my collection and whims (TMNT, Zombies, Pulp, Dr Who, etc.), this isn't a massive problem.
3. Play more big games (i.e. full table) like FoW, Bolt Action, KoW, DFC, DZC
4. Paint what I want to paint, not feel like it's a chore.
5. Run one of the campaign ideas I have.

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4 Re: The all new "what are we up to?" thread! on Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:52 pm

Here we go...

1. Terminator - paint endoskeletons. Paint humans. Do terminating.
2. Dropfleet Commander - controversially in second place!
3. Build a Bolt Action German army that involves people in uniform.
4. More Kings of War. Possibly even bringing my Chaos down from the loft and rebasing it.
5. No new projects that need me to buy stuff!

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So mine at the moment is:

1. Finish the three new Bloodbowl teams (I had these before DFC, and it's only 36 models)
2. Scourge fleet for DFC. Dead excited for these, can't wait to play a game!
3. Get going with my KoW Nippon/KoWH Japanese army. Don't need much more to have 1k ready to build, so just need to crack on.
4. Various MUMG bits. I really want to play more of this, and the models are such a joy to paint that I keep seeing more potential teams I'd like to have a go at.
5. Pirates. As far as I'm concerned it's the year of the Pirate. I now have both Cutlass and On The Seven Seas rules to have a play with, and The Strumpet is on her way to being finished so I want to sail her and do some tabletop pillaging soon!

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