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Guildball Starter Set

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1 Guildball Starter Set on Thu Oct 06, 2016 4:58 pm


I know it's something that's been mentioned before, so I thought I'd flag it up.

There's a starter set for Guildball being released that contains two full teams the rulebook, a pitch, etc. At outpost it's £45. Thought I'd mention it as it is a good game, but cost was seen as a barrier to entry.

The teams in the box are the Brewers and the Masons. As I have teams, I'd back off from the starter mainly as it would allow two others to buy in relatively cheaply. I may then get a proper team as well as my cobbled together ones.

Anyway, perhaps something to think about for 2017 when Dropfleet has settled down...or in Matt's case, 2023.

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