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Evil Empire!

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1 Evil Empire! on Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:32 pm

Was looking at the new dark elf models yesterday. For a nano second I contemplated buying some. Then I saw the price of £20 for 10 basic infantry. And then I saw this:

Aren't GW brilliant!

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2 Re: Evil Empire! on Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:09 am


The irony is that the rumour-mill that they're so keen to suppress is a direct result of their business model. A system of power creep, next big thingyness and rebooting every five years are designed to engender excitement, anticipation and increase sales. The natural side effect is that people want to know what's coming next - hence the plethora of websites discussing the possibilities of the next book/edition. As long as they stick to their business model, the rumour-mill that they hate will continue.

I also can't quite see how information leaked does the company any damage at all, in fact it would seem to be quite the reverse.

They are a bit of a perverse company.

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3 Re: Evil Empire! on Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:30 am

Bonkers! Free advertising and they don't want it. I'd love to meet the people that run it and have them assessed mentally...

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4 Re: Evil Empire! on Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:23 pm

I think their reasoning is probably that:

a) they don't want people to hold off buying stuff now because new, better stuff is coming next month.

b) they're still hoping against hope that if they can scare enough bloggers, people won't post negative reviews about their stuff online.

c) if they can make it so that the only way to find out about stuff ahead of time is through White Dwarf and their website, people will go there, rather than to sites that talk about other companies. GW seems to want to act like the other companies don't exist - which does work, hence loads of GW players know nothing about any other systems.

All of this makes them seem pretty unpleasant to people like us, but then we weren't going to buy any of their overpriced models anyway...

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