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It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere...

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So, Kieron, Wes and Pete, I've gone and bought the Red Dwarf RPG rules and intend to inflict them on you. Let's get silly.

I'll come to each of you and help you work out a character, but it would help if you could think about who you want to be.

Allowable character types are (from memory, I'll check this later):

Human (I'd like no more than one human please!)
Hologram (ditto)
Series 4000 Mechanoid (think Kryten)
Hudzen 10 Mechanoid (think angry)
Evolved pet - options in the book are cat, dog, rabbit, mouse, rat or iguana, but we can probably work out others easily enough.
Kinatawowi (less easy to fit in, but if you really want to be one you can)
As I mentioned the other night, I'm not allowing pleasure GELFs.

Once I know who you all are I'll work out a starting scenario and we can give it a go.

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Feel free to post any character ideas here by the way!

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Knew I'd forget some, you can also be a wax droid or a simulant.

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This thread is pretty much me talking to myself already, but I'm going to do it some more.

I've thought about this a bit, and I think I'm going to give you each a pre-generated character for the first session, but then let you generate a new character after that.

That's going to allow me to do the "before you end up loitering around the galaxy millions of years after the extinction of mankind" bit as a sort of beginner session so we can figure out the rules. And you might even have an idea of how things work before you make a character.

Not that any of you care about this until I say "right, I'm ready, let's play on date X", of course. But just be aware, that date is coming. Oh yes.

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My lack of reply isn't to do with lack of enthusiasm, it's more lack if anything to say. I think pre-gens is a good idea.

Smeg head.

(That's me getting into character)

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Very good!

That was kind of what I thought. So I'll sort a first session and we can go from there.

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