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Attack Wing - scenarios are the way to go!

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1 Attack Wing - scenarios are the way to go! on Wed May 21, 2014 9:02 am

Wes and I just spent an evening Attack Winging it up, and decided to play scenarios instead of just straight battles.

We played Kobayashi Maru - the Enterprise gets blown up by Klingons - and the Mutari Nebula - Kirk kills Khan.

Those descriptions are pretty much exactly what happens when you play those scenarios.

The good thing is, they're quick - we managed five games in just under two hours, so we each got to play both sides of each scenario (and I had two goes as Khan to see if I could work out how to win with him. I couldn't).

They're also more interesting than a standard game, because you have other things to think about.

We had a quick look at the Operation Retrieve mission from the Excelsior pack - that one needs 125 points of Federation and 150 of Klingons, so will be longer, but still looks more interesting than the games we've been playing, so I want to have a go at that too. I'm also going to read my other missions in some more detail, at the moment I don't even know what they all are...

So anyway, missions are good. We should be playing missions. Missions.

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Just realised I changed from "scenarios" to "missions" part way through there. Make of that what you will.

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3 Re: Attack Wing - scenarios are the way to go! on Wed May 21, 2014 10:24 am

Sounds good to me. Also, swapping sides means either Kieron will win a game, or it will show he really is just shit at the game!!

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I'm happy with this. However, beating me with the Dominion will probably result in me giving up wargames forever.

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